thanks Nikki

I’m back in DC for the week, and being a bit of a tourist. I didn’t have a camera last year. One of my closest friends on the team is a photographer, so the Lord provided in a different way, and I have fabulous photos from last year. So, I’m making up for lost time, since my sister-in-law blessed me with an early birthday present!

Okay, so that’s not the real reason I’m in DC. A youth group from Virginia Beach is here to pray for the nation. They are awesome, and so on fire for the Lord. We are really just here to run alongside them! They came with a mission, to pray for Barak Obama, the African culture here in America, the church, and the ending of abortion. No small task I shall say. So here we go, I hope I can keep up!

oh how the years go by…

Susan was one of the first girls to arrive when I started working at Father Heart four years ago. After she had her baby, she stayed with us and cooked. We became close friends, as we lived in the house together for a season. I went to visit her the other day. She is now married and expecting another baby girl next month. Her husband was so kind. He served us fresh guacamole, then made us steaks and salmon for dinner. Amya is now 3, and so sweet and hospitable. It was a special treat to get to visit my friends from years past!

Amya and me
Amya and me