Dream BIG!

This morning I just want to encourage you to dream BIG!  So often we think that dreaming big is a selfish path to go down.  This is not true at all, for when we are at our best, He is most glorified.  Don’t be afraid to step out.  Don’t let fear steal from you any longer, but start to take those unknown steps towards your dreams.  Perhaps they are His dreams as well.

The more I create artistically, the more I begin to understand the mind of our Creator.  When I paint a painting, I want to protect it.  I want to display it.  I want others to enjoy it.  When I write, I want it to touch people deep.  I want to affect people through my creations, and I believe that Creator longs for the same.

Reach deep.

How do you want to affect the world around you?

What makes you excited/mad/happy?

What parts of His heart has he burned deep within you?

Well, enough with reading this blog, go after it!