Ash Adventures

When we moved we had to rename our house, since our old name was partially our old address.  So Sarah combined the first letter of all our names and created the “mash” house.

Well our dear “m” aka Melbie happens to be in her homeland of Michigan, which ironically begins with a “m” as well.  “M” is missed.

That’s how we get to “ash adventures.”  Yesterday we went to a nearby creek to go tubing or “floating” as they call it here.  Well floating didn’t quite describe one very low and rocky part of the creak, if you ask me.  As Sarah and I approached this spot we realized that our raft had lost almost all of it’s air.

We literally bounced through the current and rocks.  I landed on a rock with another girl I had just met, who had a very bloody knee.  From that point, we were able to crab crawl to the shore.  Our poor raft was completely flat with two big gashes in it. Who knew we were so tough on that poor thing?   I looked around and saw a pretty rough looking group with bloody elbows, knees, and one girls hip.

We were about 15 minutes down the creek, and had about an hour and a half of creek left.  Thankfully the men stepped in, began blowing up rafts, and the girls restructured everyone so that we would have rafts to go down on.

I got a “river rat” tube, which was my friend for the rest of the quite peaceful ride. Despite the trauma, it was well worth it.  It was a beautiful ride, and made me really grateful for Northern California.  I wish would have had a camera to capture the view of the mountain at the top of the creek!

Here are a few of the battle wounds… (can I just say some are not quite blog appropriate?)

ta da!

last week i wrote about learning how to distress furniture, so today i thought i’d share with some pics of my finished room.  considering all the furniture was either given to me or bought at a garage sale or thrift store, i am pretty proud of it!

after sharing a room for the last few years i have a whole new perspective on having MY OWN room.  although my roommates are just across the hall.  (i couldn’t let them get too far away!)

we feel so blessed with new house we just moved into.  it feels so peaceful, and has a beautiful deck surrounded by trees that make East Texas seem a little closer.  i’ve already entertained many times since being back.  what a blessing!