Answer me O Lord?

Last week, we had a devotional set on the parable of the sower (see Matthew 13). I prayed to the Lord, “make my heart soft soil for your word to fall into.” The week following was rough. I got sick, and felt weak in every sense of the word. I found myself crying often, and feeling so frustrated. Lord what is wrong with me I thought. Late in the week, He put the mud to my eyes and the scales fell. I realized He was simply anwering my prayer. For making hard soil into soft fertile soil isn’t exactly a gentle process. It requires slamming a heavy metal shovel to break up the hard ground. Through this process the Lord showed me some of the contrasts of hard soil and fertile soil.

Fertile soil embraces the water poured upon it letting it seep deep into every dry crevice, while the water can barely penetrate hard ground. Fertile soil is vulnerable to the elements. Fertile soil is easily mixed with other soils, how well do I mix with my teammates? Fertile soil is easily transferred into other pots, do I move easily through the circumstances and situations the Lord brings me?

I challenge you to ask the Lord where the soil of your heart is today. I want to hear and understand the word as it falls onto my heart. Love and Blessings!

40 DAYS!!

We as a team sense the Lord inviting us into 40 days of intense prayer and fasting. The theme of this fast is “Show me your Glory” just like Moses in Exodus 33-34. We are crying out for the presence of the Lord to fall in our personal lives, our community, and our nation. We feel called to hold the night hours, entertaining the King of Kings with our prayers and songs. Recently, I was reading through Jonah, and realized that the people of Ninevah held back the wrath of God through 40 days of prayer and fasting.  We are looking forward to all that God has for us in this time.