Kids say the darnedest things.

Here is a blurb of conversation with Bryson (age 4) at lunch the other day.

Anna: Bryson I miss you so much when I am away.

Bryson: I miss sweetie (his grandmother).

Anna: You are a turkey.

Bryson: You are a ham.

I am loved.

Today I got a series of cards…

from a little girl who looks like this…just thought it was pretty creative and worth sharing.

Quote of the night…

Emma ( age 6) just asked me out of the blue…

“Aunt Anna, how do you get all this God information?”

She also informed me that she wants to do what I do when I grow up, then asked, now what do you do?

I love being home and the brilliant perspective my nieces and nephews offer! 

Thank you Jesus for the beauty of childhood.