moments that made me laugh…

1. layne’s hair on our hitch hiking adventure.

2. “I put your luden’s in the refridgerator, the ants where attacking them.” -Layne

3.  having to “create” a bandage for my blister with kleenex and scotch tape.

4. being pooped on by two birds in less than an hour.

5.  recreating the above classy bandage while sitting on the beach in my swimsuit.

6. turning to look at the sunset and simultaneously spilling an entire glass of wine on my dress.

7. layne making fun of my backpack by smartly asking me if I was ready for school this morning.

8. wearing my rocket dogs with a dress all day.

9. discovering an ankle sock tan line after spending the afternoon at the beach.  really?

10. layne (the amazingly talented photographer) ‘s inability to get more than our foreheads in the starbucks picture today.


I am working on strawberries this week.  I bought them and planted them in some pots on our back deck.  And funny as it may seem, I am learning from this experience.

1. Humility.  My dad is a landscaper and tree farmer.  You’d think I’d know a thing or two about simple gardening right?  Nope.  Nada.  So I’ll be honest I felt a little foolish asking the simplest of questions at the nursery.  I loaded a huge bag of soil onto my cart, while the employee stood watching me, only to realize later that you can pull your car up and they will load it for you.  HA!  I am sure she wanted to laugh as she watched me struggle to get that beast on the bottom of the cart.

But this is good for me.  If we can only stay in the realms of our expertise all the time that’s not healthy.  That’s not growth.  We need to step out into new and uncomfortable places to expand our character and our knowlegde.  Awkward as it may be, it’s good for us.

2. Investments. I went to Target at the beginning of the week and tried on a dress I’ve been looking at all season.  I looked at the price tag and sighed.  “When is this one gonna go on sale?” I thought.  I gave it back to the lady and committed myself to watching the sale ads.

The next day the strawberry mission began.  So I bought the plants, the soil, the pot.  The grand total rang up to the exact amount of the dress.  Bummer, I thought.  What am I doing spending that on strawberry plants?

Then I began to realize how a poverty mentality can affect our view on investments.  When we are living in a poverty mindset we only see value in things that give us immediate pleasure.  We lose sight of the future and how we can sow into it today.

A kingdom mindset is willing to sacrifice things today in order to have a better tomorrow.

Oh strawberries, who knew?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…