moments that made me laugh…

1. layne’s hair on our hitch hiking adventure.

2. “I put your luden’s in the refridgerator, the ants where attacking them.” -Layne

3.  having to “create” a bandage for my blister with kleenex and scotch tape.

4. being pooped on by two birds in less than an hour.

5.  recreating the above classy bandage while sitting on the beach in my swimsuit.

6. turning to look at the sunset and simultaneously spilling an entire glass of wine on my dress.

7. layne making fun of my backpack by smartly asking me if I was ready for school this morning.

8. wearing my rocket dogs with a dress all day.

9. discovering an ankle sock tan line after spending the afternoon at the beach.  really?

10. layne (the amazingly talented photographer) ‘s inability to get more than our foreheads in the starbucks picture today.

2 thoughts on “moments that made me laugh…”

  1. This is The Sweetest. I loved reading through so many happy (and hilarious) moments. I laugh way less when you are so far away. 😒 love you!!

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