Loving Life (all of it)

I read through a list of local outreach options, and a few stood out to me.  But a few days later in worship on a Sunday morning I felt the gentle nudging of the Lord towards retirement centers.  This wasn’t even an option that I felt drawn toward.  As tears rolled down my face, my heart began to soften.  I realized that being pro-life doesn’t stop at fighting for the lives of precious newborns, but it is equally as important to fight for the fragile lives of the elderly.


I couldn’t get that word out of my head.  The importance of speaking the truth over these children of God as He sees them.  Not how they see themselves, how their nurse sees them, how their family sees them, but what truly matters is how their Creator sees them.

“The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

My group met for the 1st time last week.  To be honest, the group felt a bit awkward, and we need your prayers.  I want us to know the intentions of God for the retirement center we will be visiting each week.  I don’t want to just saunter through, I want to really make an impact.  I want to see fruit, I want to stay connected to the vine.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

How to Pray for Us

So please pray that the strategies of heaven will come to us as team, and we will through Christ restore dignity to these valuable people.  Also pray for unity, honor, and grace among us.  Pray that we will carry peace and joy into this center, and when we leave the atmosphere will be filled with hope.

i am…

i am loved.

i am smiling.

i am blessed.

i am happy.

i am redeemed.

i am loved.

i am nothing without Him.

i am able to do everything with Him.

i am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.

i am a temple.

i am chosen.

i am loved.

Dual Citizenship


So I am pondering this concept, and forcing it to sink deep into my heart, mind, and spirit.  We have dual citizenship.  If we let it, it can have a powerful effect, and diminish so many fears in our lives.  Recognizing that we are currently in a temporary dwelling has the potential to make our daily tensions in this world dissolve.  Ephesians  2:6 says, “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.”  We have residency, a home, not only here on this sandy soil, but beyond heaven’s celestial gates as well. (Selah)

As I ponder this, I found this article by a Jew in Israel, Slovie Jungreis-Wolf.  The Hebrew culture has an incredible way of living, breathing, and appreciating this journey of life.  For them, it is not about the destination, but about the journey.  I find this a beautiful way to view our days here on earth and would encourage you to take a moment (a deep breath) and learn from their culture. The following are some exerts from the article “A Sukkah of Peace”…



“Bearing this faith we are now ready to enter the sukkah, dwelling under God’s protection. The Torah tells us that for one week we are to leave our permanent homes and live in a temporary residence. We eat in the sukkah, we talk in the sukkah, we read in the sukkah, and some people even sleep in the sukkah. As comfortable as we may feel inside its walls, we never really forget that this sukkah-dwelling is only temporary. Now we get it! Our world here is only a temporary residence.

Nothing lasts forever. We are simply visitors, just passing through.



Material security is left behind as we contemplate our spiritual security. The sukkah replaces our homes and we are struck with the thought that ‘all this’ is transient.

And all those things that we thought were so important? Those things we craved and thought we just can’t live without? The giant flat screen TV, the leather sofa for our den, the must-have sweater and shoes? Guess what? They are not important anymore.

Sitting in the sukkah under the stars, we realize that possessions and stuff do not bring peace. That life in this world is transient and we will never find serenity in that which is fleeting. We can understand that it’s living with purpose that will bring us a sense of lasting peace.

According to Jewish law, our sukkah must have at least three walls. It is as if God is wrapping his arm around you, welcoming you with His embrace. Come, step out of your home and all the anxiety that lies within. Never stop believing. Never give up hope. You are here for a reason. Think about your legacy, the purpose of your moments here on earth.

As we enter the sukkah, we offer a most beautiful prayer: “May it be your will, my God and God of my forefather’s, that You cause Your Presence to reside amongst us; that You spread over us the sukkah of Your peace…'”



Yes and amen to that prayer, Lord.  May your kingdom come and your will be done in Israel and the nations.  It is your presence that we desire.  It’s worth outweighs anything this world has to offer!

The Power of Praise

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.

Acts 16:25

I am currently reading through Acts.  Even though this isn’t the 1st time I’ve read the book, I find myself continually stunned at the apostles.

As I was reading in chapter 16 about Paul and Silas getting thrown in jail, I thought to myself here comes the part where they praise  God for persecution.  Sure enough I got to verse 25 were they belted out lyrics of love in the midst of jail cell.  It goes on to say that an earthquake hit, and the jail walls came down.  Is this some coincidence or could it be that the praise of their lips literally shook the earth?!

I let you draw your own conclusions.

Can we today 2,000 years later praise God through the storms, trials, and even persecutions of life?  We serve the same God as our brothers Paul and Silas did.  He is still worthy of a praise that shakes this world no matter what it throws our way.  He is greater still.   God has placed all things under his feet” according to Ephesians 1:22.

As we begin a new week, I encourage you my friends to approach the things that come your way with praise on your lips and victory in your heart.  For Christ who dwells within us has overcome the world!

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

I hope that this article only wets your appetite for the truth of God’s word.  If that is the case, read the rest of Acts 16, and discover the fruit of Paul and Silas’ night in jail.  Another suggestion, a word study on the word overcome.



just a kept girl

On my way home from a retreat earlier today, I felt less than refreshed.  I found myself frustrated by my recent slip ups.  Normally I count myself as a fairly responsible, but within the last week I…

washed my cell phone  (perhaps this could be responsible just not practical?)

jumped of a rope swing emerging from the water with a crooked swollen ring finger

and over drafted my checking account not once but twice (a $70 fee)

So, as I sat in the back a friends car zooming past beautiful mountains and rivers, I felt a bit discouraged.   What is my problem?    I’ll be really honest and tell you that this is one of those it’d be nice to have a husband moments, and I thought for a minute about how nice it would be to have someone taking care of me.

the Sacramento River
the Sacramento River

Lord grant me favor in each of these costly situations I prayed.  I have recently been asking God to show me Himself and His love in a greater way.

Jesus really does care take I.

Once I got back to Redding, I took my stubborn self to the doctor nearly a week after the initial injury.  I surrendered my fears of the  medical bill, only to find that they didn’t even charge me a co-pay.  My finger isn’t broken,  no x-rays, or painful pulling.  It is just a torn ligament.  Come to find out the doctor likes YWAM, and was interested in what I do.  And I was in and out of the clinic within an hour without even making an appointment.

Jesus really does care take II.

I called the bank and they removed the overdraft charges from my account.  He is my husband and He does cover the bills.

Jesus really does care take III.

Somewhere along the way, I remembered a charge on the phone bill for insurance.  Aha!  I should pursue this one a bit further.  Once again, I prayed Lord grant me favor as I walked into the AT&T store.  They took me straight to a phone and dialed some number for me.  The guy on the other line is mailing me a replacement phone asap.  Did I mention it is a better phone than the one I have, because they don’t make mine anymore?

It turns out I am a kept girl.  There is One who truly cares about me, and the details of my crazy days.

A couple things I am learning…

1. favor– ask God for it.

2. testify– when God does something good, talk about it.

“I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand.

I will keep you”

Isaiah 42:6

read the rest of Isaiah 42, it’s awesome!

the end
the end