i love the feeling of grass beneath my feet.

i love laying in the hammock with the sun on my face.

i love the warmth of a sleeping baby on my chest.

i love singing on the phone with bryson.

i love baths.

i love a good conversation.

i love to be held by my Maker.

i love to create beautiful things.

i love clean sheets.

i love to read magazines.

i love laughing until my stomach hurts.

i love remember whens.

just felt like sharing…

thanks for reading!


I got to paint on stage yesterday in worship at school.  Four of us girls painted while the worship team led.  It was actually really fun!  This is the picture I felt led to paint.  The bubbles represent God’s presence surrounding us as we worship/adore Him.

Thanks for reading!



week in review…

1. Russell didn’t quite stop in time, therefore my bumper took one for the team, and my rearview mirror fell off.  We got to meet in a Starbucks parking lot.  Actually he never got my name.  Sad, I think he was confused.

2. I went to work at the pregnancy center.  Apparently had a string hanging off my shirt.  A lady I just met who is probably in her 70’s took it off for me and informed me that it looked kinda dorky.

3. We did Valentine crafts at the retirement center this week.  We decorated cookies and made cards.  I found one card covered in purple icing, creative, I guess? (Blue glue has made life way too complicated)

4. And when I left one lady tried to shake my hand.  I said no, I need a  hug.  She went on to wrap her arms around me and give me the best hug of my week!

5. I went to get in the rental car Friday morning to find my rental papers strewn across the front seat and my cd’s missing.  It seems I didn’t lock it and someone just got a whole new array of worship cd’s…

6.  I got a bed!!

the library etc.


Today you get some randomness.

No theology, no funny stories, just me in rare form.

I guess that might not come as too much of a surprise?

I just have to tell you my appreciation for books.  With so much online resource these days, sometimes we forget what the weight of a good book feels like.

I must also confess I love the library.  My heart feels lighter as I pull books of assorted subjects off the shelf.  Ah, the public library.

One more reason to be grateful for the American life!

That’s all.

when God needs a friend.

Mornings for me begin with a glance at a list in my planner.  What do I need to do today?  How am I going to accomplish this?

As I was getting ready this morning, a song came on the radio called “Listen Up.”  It struck me a bit, but I just kept going.  While I was making breakfast, I just felt that tug on my heart.  I finished breakfast and one more thing on the “list,” then decided to sit with the Lord.

I turned on worship music, and began to turn  my attention towards heaven.  I thought how long should I sit here, one song, two, songs?  Then I felt the Lord say, “how long are you willing to sit here?”.  “As long as you want,” I replied.  “What about your homework, the list?” he asked.  “Even if I don’t make it back to the list, as long as you need,” I answered.

Immediately I felt His presence fill the room, and a sweet peace fill my spirit.  I sat before Him, not asking for anything, not saying anything, just being with Him.

The story of the “sinner” woman washing His feet came to my mind eventually.  (Luke 7:36-50) I turned to it.  It’s hard to read that story and not be convicted.  Wow, Jesus is so worthy of extravagant love.  He is so worthy of illogical acts of worship.  He has forgiven much.

I have to ask myself, am I the pharisee in this story?  Do I think more about the practical aspects of life than a life of extravagant love?  Am I more concerned with making sense, keeping up appearances, and by all means not being that  crazy extremist, than loving my Saviour well?

I want to be like her.  I want to recklessly love on the one who first loved me.  I want to love Him above and beyond what is required.  I want to love Him and through Him learn to love the broken.  I want to be His friend.

Before I knew it, an entire album was over, and my heart was blessed even though that wasn’t even my intent.  He is never a selfish friend, and cannot come to the table without love, because HE IS LOVE.

The Sweetest Thing

TURN THE LIGHT ON! Awaken the dawn. Spring come forth.  Warm sun shine your light.  Melt away the cold snow. Flowers blossom.  Darkness flee.  It is time for the seasons to shift.  I have a ticket that frequent flier miles could never acquire.  I am passing through gates covered in pearls.  I’m moving into a mansion money can’t buy.  Gravity just lost it’s hold on me.  My freedom has a receipt.  I WON’T RETURN IT FOR SHACKLES!  Hibernation is over.  A banquet awaits.  the wine has been poured.  I will drink and be satisfied.  The table is set.  I will eat and be full.  My name is written before an empty seat.  My place is in the midst of heros.  Begging and scavenging are suddenly a thing of the past, for my cup runneth over.  Abundance boasts of a goodness beyond comprehension.

“Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.”  Psalm 16:5

I wrote this after reflecting a bit on surrender.  Recognizing again that all worry in my life reflects an area where I have not surrendered.  it is an area where I am not walking trust.  It is an area of darkness covered by the dark clouds of fear, doubt, and lies.

As I worried about my future, I remembered a story I heard recently.  At my last mission trip meeting we were discussing God’s provision.  My leader shared that one time he didn’t have any money towards a trip.  When called into a meeting and told the reality of his financial situation, he just fell to the floor laughing.  The lady talking to him at first became upset.  He looked up at her and said, “I’m going to heaven!”  He recognized in light of eternity, worrying about this trip was ridiculous.  (Immediately following this, someone handed him a check for the cost of the trip)

Even in pondering, ok worrying, about my future, I need to remember to place my future under the light of eternity.  My three year old nephew asked Jesus into his life this week.  On the phone, he said, “I’m going to heaven! You can come too, if you want?”

Dear friends, don’t grow weary, for heaven awaits us, and these momentary troubles will melt in the light of His glorious presence.