I got to paint on stage yesterday in worship at school.  Four of us girls painted while the worship team led.  It was actually really fun!  This is the picture I felt led to paint.  The bubbles represent God’s presence surrounding us as we worship/adore Him.

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One thought on “BuBbLeS…”

  1. Hello Anna, been reading your Feb happenings and up to the bubbles, you have been a busy girl. Sorry to read about break-in and your tapes missing but maybe who-ever took them will listen to the message on them. But anyway, we love the bubble painting. We are going through the book of Luke with Re-New through Crossroard in Austin ( where Brady is the elder/pastor ) as a daily devotional, Great Book, full of the Holy Spirit. At this writing, Grandma and I have a cold and missed goung to your Mom and Dad’s today as planned. Dog-gone-it, we were ready for your Dad’s cassorole, Ha We always enjoy our time with our kids in Lindale. We’ll try for next Saturday, Grandma birthday the 27th. She;s going to be 77 and I’ll be right behind her the 20th of March. WOW. now that’s old, Ha again. Take care Anna and Keep Looking Up. As the song goes, ” God is Great, all the time ” goes for 24/7 and someday we will all meet Jeasus in person What a wonderful day that will be. Love Ya Gal Grandpa Deke

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