week in review…

1. Russell didn’t quite stop in time, therefore my bumper took one for the team, and my rearview mirror fell off.  We got to meet in a Starbucks parking lot.  Actually he never got my name.  Sad, I think he was confused.

2. I went to work at the pregnancy center.  Apparently had a string hanging off my shirt.  A lady I just met who is probably in her 70’s took it off for me and informed me that it looked kinda dorky.

3. We did Valentine crafts at the retirement center this week.  We decorated cookies and made cards.  I found one card covered in purple icing, creative, I guess? (Blue glue has made life way too complicated)

4. And when I left one lady tried to shake my hand.  I said no, I need a  hug.  She went on to wrap her arms around me and give me the best hug of my week!

5. I went to get in the rental car Friday morning to find my rental papers strewn across the front seat and my cd’s missing.  It seems I didn’t lock it and someone just got a whole new array of worship cd’s…

6.  I got a bed!!

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