when God needs a friend.

Mornings for me begin with a glance at a list in my planner.  What do I need to do today?  How am I going to accomplish this?

As I was getting ready this morning, a song came on the radio called “Listen Up.”  It struck me a bit, but I just kept going.  While I was making breakfast, I just felt that tug on my heart.  I finished breakfast and one more thing on the “list,” then decided to sit with the Lord.

I turned on worship music, and began to turn  my attention towards heaven.  I thought how long should I sit here, one song, two, songs?  Then I felt the Lord say, “how long are you willing to sit here?”.  “As long as you want,” I replied.  “What about your homework, the list?” he asked.  “Even if I don’t make it back to the list, as long as you need,” I answered.

Immediately I felt His presence fill the room, and a sweet peace fill my spirit.  I sat before Him, not asking for anything, not saying anything, just being with Him.

The story of the “sinner” woman washing His feet came to my mind eventually.  (Luke 7:36-50) I turned to it.  It’s hard to read that story and not be convicted.  Wow, Jesus is so worthy of extravagant love.  He is so worthy of illogical acts of worship.  He has forgiven much.

I have to ask myself, am I the pharisee in this story?  Do I think more about the practical aspects of life than a life of extravagant love?  Am I more concerned with making sense, keeping up appearances, and by all means not being that  crazy extremist, than loving my Saviour well?

I want to be like her.  I want to recklessly love on the one who first loved me.  I want to love Him above and beyond what is required.  I want to love Him and through Him learn to love the broken.  I want to be His friend.

Before I knew it, an entire album was over, and my heart was blessed even though that wasn’t even my intent.  He is never a selfish friend, and cannot come to the table without love, because HE IS LOVE.

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