just a kept girl

On my way home from a retreat earlier today, I felt less than refreshed.  I found myself frustrated by my recent slip ups.  Normally I count myself as a fairly responsible, but within the last week I…

washed my cell phone  (perhaps this could be responsible just not practical?)

jumped of a rope swing emerging from the water with a crooked swollen ring finger

and over drafted my checking account not once but twice (a $70 fee)

So, as I sat in the back a friends car zooming past beautiful mountains and rivers, I felt a bit discouraged.   What is my problem?    I’ll be really honest and tell you that this is one of those it’d be nice to have a husband moments, and I thought for a minute about how nice it would be to have someone taking care of me.

the Sacramento River
the Sacramento River

Lord grant me favor in each of these costly situations I prayed.  I have recently been asking God to show me Himself and His love in a greater way.

Jesus really does care take I.

Once I got back to Redding, I took my stubborn self to the doctor nearly a week after the initial injury.  I surrendered my fears of the  medical bill, only to find that they didn’t even charge me a co-pay.  My finger isn’t broken,  no x-rays, or painful pulling.  It is just a torn ligament.  Come to find out the doctor likes YWAM, and was interested in what I do.  And I was in and out of the clinic within an hour without even making an appointment.

Jesus really does care take II.

I called the bank and they removed the overdraft charges from my account.  He is my husband and He does cover the bills.

Jesus really does care take III.

Somewhere along the way, I remembered a charge on the phone bill for insurance.  Aha!  I should pursue this one a bit further.  Once again, I prayed Lord grant me favor as I walked into the AT&T store.  They took me straight to a phone and dialed some number for me.  The guy on the other line is mailing me a replacement phone asap.  Did I mention it is a better phone than the one I have, because they don’t make mine anymore?

It turns out I am a kept girl.  There is One who truly cares about me, and the details of my crazy days.

A couple things I am learning…

1. favor– ask God for it.

2. testify– when God does something good, talk about it.

“I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand.

I will keep you”

Isaiah 42:6

read the rest of Isaiah 42, it’s awesome!

the end
the end

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