Seasons, an inevitable part of life

As life continues to take me to new places, and on new journeys, I find that I cannot escape the seasons. No matter where I go or what I am doing, they find me. Some seasons are filled with joy and laughter, others seem like an uphill battle. In the midst of all, I find a deeper place of communion with my Maker. Sometimes warmth draws me the closest to His heart, while other times it takes a trial to bring me back to Him. I feel so blessed to be on this journey, and would love to invite you along. Come experience the seasons with me…

3 thoughts on “Seasons, an inevitable part of life”

  1. Anna,
    Loved your note and picture as well as your blog. I thank God for the way He has kept you on His path and is using you so powerfully. What a harvest there is for you to present to your King! Annette

  2. Anna,
    As always love hearing what God is up to in your life. What a harvest for the Kingdom of God you will reap as you continue in His presence and love. I applaud you and your team. Thank you for all the prayer that you are sending up to God for our country. We will all be the beneficiaries. Blessings to you. Annette

  3. Sweet Anna, if you can truly grab hold of this ideas of God’s seasons it will enable you to flow more freely thru the life God has ahead of you. It will keep you from holding on too tightly – when God seperates. It will cause you to appreciate more keenly what God has provided in seasons past and what is provided currently. It will buffer you in the future change of seasons, because you will know that this too is under God’s plan and for his divine glory. It will help you look forward to the new season coming – even when it has yet to bloom – because you know how wonderful the seasons of the past have been. Ask God to firmly implant this lesson of “Seasons” in you soul – it is invaluable.

    Love ya, Dawn

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