After the 40 days…

Our corporate “Show me your glory” fast just ended on Friday. After time reflecting this weekend, I find myself very grateful. We ran an intense schedule, yet I am thankful for how much we were able to pack into it. We as a team have now read through the entire Bible together. We finished on Friday night at the World War ll memorial here in DC. We each stood representing our home states as we proclaimed the last few chapters of Revelation. “Come, Lord Jesus.” We also went to through two teaching projects during the fast.  They were super challenging. The Lord has revealed so much to us. I walk away from the fast with a greater hunger for the truth that only Jesus offers. We are preparing for The Call (a national day of fasting and prayer here in DC on Saturday) this week. Our schedule for the Fall is beginning to form, and I am looking forward to all that is to come!

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