Cathedral of Lights

I want to take a moment to share with you a story from this week. Monday, I felt it would be good for us to go a university here in the Pittsburgh area and pray. So that night we wrote out a list of local universities. We weren’t sure where to start so we tore up the paper and decided to draw three. One of the girls grabbed the coffee pot, instead of a bowl, and gave it a quick shake. One fell out, proceeded by 2 more. Pittsburgh University was one of which. So we decided the next day to go and pray there. The next morning I was on the phone with a local pastor’s wife. I told her where we were going and she got excited. She told me that she was going to be sharing there that night about justice and invited us to come. We went to the campus and settled down with the guitar on the Heinz chapel steps facing a building called the Cathedral of Learning. We worshiped and prayed there for a while. Later that night we met the pastor’s wife and went with her while she shared. The group she was sharing with met in the Cathedral. The next morning at the grocery store the newspaper caught my eye. The front page boldly read, “Cathedral of Lights.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. We had no idea, but while we were in the building there was a light show right outside lighting up the entire cathedral. The previous afternoon we had been praying for God’s light and truth to penetrate this campus. We didn’t know the Lord would take us so literally!

One thought on “Cathedral of Lights”

  1. anna. i miss you. i’d love to hang out in our room and drink coffee and talk. in a couple of weeks i guess.

    loved your post. and love this photo.

    i’m so, so proud of you – so courageously leading the way in pa. can’t wait to hear more!

    bless you, bless you.

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