ice cream trucks in December

As I sit here, I listen to a familiar sound in my neighborhood.  It’s the jingle of “Do your ears hang low?” resounding from the ice cream truck parked out front.  Some may think it strange to have an ice cream truck present on December 15, but I call it comforting.  Because I love ice cream?  No, not necessarily, I have never actually bought anything from this ice cream man.  Actually, because it so accurately represents this season of my life, bizarre, yet surprisingly sweet.  This is my last night here in DC for I am not sure how long.  The past days have been spent reminiscing, celebrating, drinking coffee, packing, laughing, crying, rejoicing, mourning, praying, worshiping, and appreciating the goodness of the Lord this year.  By no means has this been an easy year, but it has been a full year.  Full of tears and full of laughter.  A year fully lived, fully embraced, and fully touched by the Lord.

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