forced to Shabbat

“he MAKES me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.” -Psalm 23:2

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet with Tom, the founder of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations (where we are staying) and his wife Kate.  This house of prayer has sustained 24/7 for over 20 years.  So we asked what how have you been able to stand in this place for all these years.  They had a few reasons, but one stood out to me more than the rest, the importance of keeping Shabbat (Sabbath).  After meeting with them, we went to a Jewish synagogue.  After synagogue. a doctor from the states then took us out to eat.  He is very knowledgable about Jewish culture, and began to explain the Shabbat more to us.  Some Jewish people even take it to the extent of not turning out light switches, because that could be considered “work.”  My mind is forced to ponder.  In the Western culture we have come so far from that, it is just another day.  Now I am not suggesting either extreme, but wondering what is the balance, and where is God’s heart in this.  Perhaps there are precious parts to this Jewish tradition that I need to incorporate into my Western world.  Today, our sweet friends at the house of prayer invited us for a day out.  One problem… 6 people… only 5 seats.  So, like every highly spiritual team we resorphoto-314ted to casting lots, ahem, I mean drawing straws.  Well, guess who drew the short straw?  So, off went my 2 partners in crime to an adventurous day!  Something in me wondered. God is there a reason you have me staying back today?  I was hoping to hop on a bus with someone from the house and possibly do some exploring in the old city.  My backpack, a good book, maybe a warm mocha, sounded do-able.  Only one problem, no one was going to the old city.  Finally, I surrendered, and nestled myself on this yellow couch to discover what God is trying to tell me.  I recently heard about a sermon that referred to Psalm 23, and “he MAKES us lie down in green pastures.”  The Lord is so faithful to bring these lessons into application.  I guess I should probably stop writing and get back to my green pastures, I mean yellow couch…

2 thoughts on “forced to Shabbat”

  1. Wow. I’ve been MADE to lie down in green pastures. It’s kinda nice.

    Back in November I was also led beside quiet waters. A temp agency placed me as a model home hostess on a street called Quiet Water Path. It took me two weeks to realize why that sounded so familiar. Then I was humbled. He led me to Quiet Water Path, where I sat in this gorgeous house for eight hours a day with little to do besides read my Bible and journal. Wow.

    Happy sabbath.

  2. Sweet entry. I hope all is well with you. UPDATE ME. I am so so sorry I didn’t get in touch with you while you were here last. You are wonderful.

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