mid-20’s life crisis

I don’t normally write in such a melancholy form, but I figure there is some value in being raw, vulnerable, and honest.  Israel, as you maybe already know, can basically be summed up as a kiss from heaven.  We were spoiled rotten by the King of Kings.  He invited us into His living room, and proceeded to give us gift after gift.  We had opportunities to pour out as well.  We prayed for people, served the House of Prayer, encouraged believers, listened a lot, laughed even more, and learned a ton.  To be completely honest, leaving is like coming off some sort of high.  It’s hard hit earth again.  My tailbone is a little sore as reality is setting back in.  I find myself somewhat overwhelmed.  It is not from a lack of vision, but from an abundance of it.  I know see even more the need for passionate service for our Lord.  But I am struggling to find out where is the most strategic fit for me in “such a time as this.”  I say all this because I am in desperate need for your prayers.  I need to see a clear pathway open up in these woods I am wandering through.  Or maybe I am in a desert?  Anyway, you get the point…

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