Sentimental, that’s me…

Hmm… the seasons they come and they go. Seasons are such a beautiful thing. I think my favorite part of each season is the people God brings into my life. It seems times are changing in my life and quickly. I am maybe one of the biggest fans there is of “remember when’s.” Those of you who know me well know this. I love to reflect on the past, the laughter, the tears, the good, the hard, and the lessons learned. Hindsight seems to bring a crisper picture. Today I feel a bit in between seasons. Reflecting on the past, and trying to peak into what good gifts the next will

One thought on “Sentimental, that’s me…”

  1. oh friend.
    i LOVE this about you.
    and i can’t wait to catch up.
    God sure is changing the times & seasons…
    and it’ll be good.

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