The True Vine

Well, I am a little scared to write. It seems each time I share what God is teaching me, a practical lesson is soon to follow! Recently I have been drawn to the story of the vine in John 15. I long to walk in the secret place of abiding, that the peace of God may be firmly established within me. As I ponder the mystery of this, surrender seems to be a continuous theme. My tendency seems to be more of striving and less of surrendering. But there is a great beauty in letting go, and allowing His spirit to flow through me. A great purging is necessary to unclog the pipes of my own will. The freedom is always worth the process. I am shocked at how sneakily my will can creep back into my heart. The other important aspect of abiding is to obey His commands. “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” John 15:12 God is love. If I want to abide in Him, I must love. For me to not love, is as silly as the branch saying, “we are not a vine.” This love for my brothers and sisters cannot sustain out of my own strength, but must come from a deeper well, His great love for me. So I’m learning, surrendering, loving, and trusting to see the fruit that only comes from abiding in the True Vine.

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