S aying goodbye to my ways
    U nderstanding His intentions
    R emembering giving my life to Him
    R ights- letting go
    E mbracing His ways
    N o more independence
    D ying to self
    E njoying the freedom of letting go
    R esting in who He is!

While there are multiple reasons for me coming to Mexico. One of the biggest reasons is to force me to get away from all my little distractions and really wait upon the Lord. Sometimes in a fast pace culture and ministry it’s easy to avoid the One I need the most. Thanks to this trip and the swine flu (being quarantined this past weekend), I have finally stopped for more than a simple devotion, and given the Lord the freedom to “create in me a pure heart,” once again. I must say that the biggest theme has been surrender. I just don’t get it. At salvation, I gave Him my whole life. Yet, somehow I slowly begin to take back the life I once gave Him so freely. So this has been a time of the Lord pulling back the covers of my heart, and showing me what truly lies there. Not without some wresting, I have laid down my “rights” once again. He is restoring in me “the joy of my salvation.” I am so grateful!

Recommended meditation: Psalm 51

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