Last Day in Guadalajara

I feel totally spoiled today! The girls at the base here sure know the way to this heart. They took me out for one last hoorah at a local coffee shop. I was so blessed that they took time out of their busy schedules to take me out. I almost cried…

sweet friends
sweet friends

Then I got to visit a local boy’s home. The main attraction seemed to be my friend Angelica’s belly. She due in July with her first baby. She always had a crowd. They were convinced that she had taken one of their balls and placed it under her shirt. Soon they were walking around with basketballs tucked under their shirts! I played soccer, held a little one, prayed for the healing of a boy who was hit by a car a couple months ago, and talked/prayed with the women who runs the home. It was beautiful! I’m so grateful. These are the moments when I ask myself, “is this really my job?”

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