quick catch-up

the girls
the girls

This is long overdue!  I haven’t sat down much since I got back from Mexico.  We had our annual YWAM Tyler Staff Conference 2 weekends ago, and a wedding last weekend!  Two of my teammates from last year got married on the Father Heart property.  My worlds colliding!  Mom and dad’s turned into a Bed and Breakfast for my friends and myself.  So, grateful they are beautifully Southern and hospitable.  Dad is ever gracious as he is often outnumbered!!  Two of my closest friends from last year came all the way from Canada and Hawaii!  I felt like a kid on summer vacation on the way to pick them up.  This week I am getting life back in order and trying my hardest to make wise decisions about my next steps.  Please pray for me in this process.  Today was filled with meetings, as I seek wise council.  I am blessed with a couple great opportunities, and basically need to decide between two.  I am hoping to reach a conclusion this week.  More to come soon…


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