Swirl of Questions

Some days my mind feels like it is swirling with questions.  Questions ranging from turmoil in the Middle East, to what does tomorrow hold.  I can feel the anxiety rise within me as I search for truth.  Recently I felt the Lord say, “abide.”  So, I laid down my questions and laid myself on the floor to find the place where I remain in Him.  When I feel like my blood pressure start to go up, I try to find that place in Him.  This morning I am reading a devotional book by Andrew Murray, Abide in Christ, and this jumped of the page at me.

“There are a thousand questions that at times come up, and the attempt to answer them becomes a weariness and a burden.  It is because you have forgotten you are in Christ, who God has made to be your wisdom.  Let it be your first care to abide in Him in undivided fervent devotion of heart; when the heart and the life are right, rooted in Christ, knowledge will come in such measure as Christ’s own wisdom sees meet.  And without such abiding in Christ the knowledge does not really profit, but is often most hurtful.  The soul satisfies itself with thoughts which are but the forms and images of truth, without receiving the truth itself and its power.  God’s way is ever first to give us, even though it be but as a seed, the things itself, the life and the power, than the knowledge.  Man seeks the knowledge first, and often, alas! never gets beyond it, God gives us Christ, and in Him hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Why of course, if I will trust it is He that dwells in me, then I will have the answers and the grace I need in the exact moments I need it!  Ah, I can relax now… and you can too…

Be blessed today!

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