Welcome to Narnia

I got to go sledding yesterday!  I am well aware of the fact that I am no longer technically a child, believe me my muscles are practically screaming this at me today!   Nonetheless, it was so much fun.  The snow was falling freshly dusting everything stark white.  It was breathtaking.  It only took an hour to get to this little slice of Narnia.  Funny in several ways I feel that this little adventure parallels things God is teaching me.

1. DREAM BIGGER!  C.S. Lewis has painted a picture of a place, Narnia, that has come alive in thousands if not millions of imaginations.  It is not a place we have really seen or characters we have really met, yet somehow he is such a crafted artist that it all feels so real.  His paintbrush perhaps a pencil has left imprints on our imaginations.  May this life dream bigger than the things I can see with my eyes.  May I learn how to dream with One so much greater than I, and may those dreams dramatically shape future realities.

2. COMMUNITY MATTERS.  Initially we took on the hill, one by one.  Then we had the brilliant idea to go together.  It’s weird, it seems so much riskier.  You run the risk of 2 concussions versus one, right?  However I felt so much safer when I had someone with me for the crazy ride.  We even tried, emphasis on tried, to go down 5 at a time.  What a comfort in knowing that come what may, I was not alone.  I am so incredibly blessed to have amazing relationships to do life and ministry with, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

3. DON’T EVER STOP BEING A KID.  Kids have an incredible ability to live in the moment they are in.  There is a wonder in their eyes at all that lays before them.  They hop on that sled before thinking twice, while we analyze how many possible obstacles could hinder our ability to sail to the bottom.  They have endless energy and incomparable ability to hop up after a crash. (I find getting up especially tricky in winter gear, and frankly find the snow quite soft and comforting…)

Sweet Jesus, make me like a child, connect me with the right relationships, and teach me to dream bigger.

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