The Mother Land (sort of)

I got back from Croatia last night around 2AM after about 24 hours of travel!

Sorry I didn’t blog in Croatia, I didn’t take my computer, and we there really wasn’t much time for the internet anyway.  So I will do my best to catch you up not that I’m back.

The trip was AMAZING.  One of the best mission trips I have ever been on.  We saw God do so many things.  He showered His love on the Croatian people and let us, his kids, be a part of it.  What a blessing.

We worked with churches, youth groups, as well as did street evangelism.

There were many salvations, miracles, and healings.  I saw God bring restoration to so many people on this trip.  It was so amazing to see countenances restored, and people get a touch from the Father.  There was a visible difference with so many.  You could see the heaviness lift and joy come in as our team ministered.

The team was so great.  We had a unity that could only be described as supernatural.  We loved and honored each other at every opportunity.  What a privilege to serve alongside this team.  We laughed so hard and truly enjoyed one another’s company.  What a blessing!!  I am grateful for the new friendships I made on this trip.

I also got to visit a house of prayer, one of my favorite things to do when I travel.  It was group of powerful people declaring the kingdom of God over their nation.  There was such an open heaven over this place, and you could feel the sweet presence of God in an old barn turned into a prayer room.  We prayed, encouraged, and refreshed them as well as did some prophetic acts.

I will put up pictures asap!

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support!!!

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