the big picture.

This year in class, a speaker was teaching on dreaming.  He challenged each of us to write out a list of 100 dreams.

So one day, I sat down and began writing.  My pen slowed down around dream 86.  Perhaps I have a little visionary in me?  The last 20 or so came a little slower, but I am proud to say that as of this week I have over 100 dreams for this life.

I think dreaming is so important and so much a part of being created in His image, the Ultimate Dreamer.

In the midst of dreams I find it also important to discover what season we are in.  This has been my challenge stepping into this summer.  I have been asking the Lord what season does He have me in.

This morning I believe He spoke into that.  The trouble with finding out what dream I am in now is that it inevitable means surrendering the other 99+ dreams this heart holds so dear.

But surrender I will.  I pray over this life that He would breath on everything that I labor after.  I don’t want to do any dead works without His wind blowing.

The tension of dreaming is that it often requires waiting as well as surrender.  In this “now” generation sometimes the time between writing the dream and seeing it fulfilled almost seems unbearable.

But the beauty of dreaming is that it gives me the bigger picture.  I am so small in the light of eternity and even the vastness of the universe, yet He has chosen me.

He has chosen me to be a part of His story.  He sees me wholly, flaws and all, and yet He still lets me play a role is seeing His dreams accomplished.

So this morning I surrender to the season.  I surrender the dreams yet to come to pass.  I surrender to His love.  I surrender to His call.  I surrender to His voice.

He is so trustworthy.

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