Waiting Requires Strength

I’ve been in a season that I’m pretty sure is called, “waiting.” I feel like each day, I am waiting for something. Waiting on an email. Waiting on a phone call. Waiting for the next thing. Waiting for a yes. Waiting for a no. Waiting for something. Waiting for anything!

A few year back I felt the Lord speak this phrase to me, “waiting speaks of worth.” Let that sink in… He’s really brilliant.

We are (or should be) willing to wait for the things that are really valuable. Growing up in this microwave generation, the concept can be excruciating.

Recently I somehow got in a conversation about microwaves. It was really interesting the way that microwaving literally changes the molecular structure of a substance. Hmm… very interesting.

Now hang with me, this is not a science or even health lesson. I am not on an anti- microwave, throw it out to the curb rant. But I do want to challenge our thinking for a minute. Microwaving changes the nutritional value in food, and I think this could quite possibly teach us a great life lesson.

When we skip the waiting process, could we possibly settle for less than the best that our Heavenly Father has for us?

Waiting requires such a deep place of trust. It requires of me to wrestle through my fears, in order to find the place of rest. It somehow finds out of shape muscles in my heart, and gives them a run for their money. The quiet place can be so demanding and revealing. Suddenly my insecurities lay bare. The interesting thing is, I have found that usually once I find that place of peace and rest, the breakthrough comes quickly.

Challenge- Is there an area where you might be avoiding the waiting process? I encourage you to face the process head on, and allow the process to take you to green pastures and still water.

but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Happy “waiting!” In the end, it will be worth the wait.

One thought on “Waiting Requires Strength”

  1. this is so good, so true. and my mom who also loved reading this, has quoted me various sections of it no less than 3 times. hehe.

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