being still…

this morning i met a young mom with 3 little ones. i said well your life must be busy. she said i like to say, i’m engaged. she went on to explain that she didn’t like the bad connotations of busyness and preferred the happier thought that came with being engaged.

fair enough.

i would describe my life right now as full. i am abundantly blessed with two jobs and ministry training/opportunities.

i have somewhere to be by or before 8:30 AM, 7 days a week. with this schedule i try to carve out saturday afternoons as “Jesus time.”

today this led me to an elisabeth elliot devotional on stillness.

she quoted her late husband jim elliot-

“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

so today i feel challenged to “be still” and wait upon the only One who truly holds the authority to define and fill me. the One who knew me before the foundations of the earth. the One who poured out His own precious blood that i may experience freedom and forgiveness. the One who can see hope in any circumstances.

whether your life is full, engaged, busy, whatever, i pray that you soon would take the time to rest in the stillness of the Almighty.


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