confessions of an achiever.

Last night, as I sat on my bed with journal in hand, I begin to ask my Savior for some help.  He whispered to me that the solution to this problem was about “being still.”  For some this might be a sigh of relief, but I must confess I was hoping for an action plan more than be still.  We recently took the strengths finder’s test in school. 

My number 2 strength- Achiever. 

It was no surprise to me.  I am a Flory and we get things done.  I guess the proof lies in the fact that my 85 year old grandma is still mowing her lawn.  That combined with growing up in a home where mom’s physical abilities were limited created 4 very productive children.  I love to-do lists and even accomplising the simplest of house chores brings me joy.

So I got up this Saturday morning and started the washing machine, threw my sheets and towels in, cleaned out my purse, and started to get ready, when I heard that familiar voice again, “be still.” 

I stopped and committed to lay on the floor at the feet of my Redeemer for 3 songs.  Yes, this is how I think. 

I have to confess more things do happen when I choose to be still.  I began to let Him into the breaker of my heart.  With his warm love, He began to flip the switches that had been josseled out of place in the past week.  Memories flooded my head of how His faithfulness has never left me. 

He is extravagantly good.  He has undoubtedly led me from glory to glory.  He has made my paths straight.  He has filled me with joy in His glorious presence.  He has surrounded me with real relationships.  He is really good at His job.

One moment with him can do more than my hours of accomplishing.

The NASB puts it this way, “cease striving and know that I am God…” -Psalm 46:10

Psalms 4:4 says, “commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still.”

“He caused the storm to be still, so that the waves of the sea were hushed.” -Psalm 107:29

He is brilliant and fabulous at His job, so today I choose Him.  I choose once again to trust Him with the things I cannot see.  I choose to trust Him that He is leading me.  I choose to trust his promise to take me from glory to glory.  I choose to place my affections on the One who loves me more than all the rest.

One thought on “confessions of an achiever.”

  1. as a fellow achiever (i’ve taken the test twice now and got achiever as my #1 and #2 respectively) i have to say Amen to this.

    love you.

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