perspective shifts…

A couple weeks ago I was feeling a little, well… blah.  I was feeling drained from jobs with children pulling on me.  I was feeling uncertain about the future.

I spent time with the Lord one morning at Starbucks and He began to speak into all these areas.

So I packed up my stuff and headed to the elementary school where I work with fresh perspective.  As I walked in I just thanked God for my job and it’s consistent hours.  The next morning I went in consciously thinking of how the Prince of Peace dwells in me.  I was making myself aware once again of that fact that He is greater than anything in this world.

I started to laugh more with the kids and really enjoy what I was doing.  Then midway through the week, my teacher told me that she had bragged to the principal to me.  She went on about what I good job I had been doing. (I had no idea she felt this way.)

At my other job, I began to ask for grace where I felt weak.  He says His power is made great in my weakness.  And the grace has begun to flow.

Today I am working on my homework, an assignment on influencing styles.  Turns out my highest influencing style is family/pastoring.  All this time my jobs with the kids have felt so draining to me.  But as I look through my gifts and style I am realizing how much practice I am getting at my jobs.

Everyday I walk kids through conflict resolution.  I am constantly teaching them how to communicate their feelings to one another on the playground in a healthy way.  They are learning how to let another person know how they were affected by their actions, rather than to just say “you did…”

They are learning math and reading, but they are also learning boundaries from Ms. Anna.  They are learning how to prefer one another.  They are learning honor.  They are learning how they will sow what they reap.  They are learning communication.  They are learning how to control themselves.  They are learning that they are powerful.  They are learning how to make good choices.

I guess I just mention all this for those who feel the tension of lack of purpose.  For those who feel they are just waiting for dreams to come true.  For those who feel they are waiting for life to happen…

To you I say, IT IS!

Jesus came for us to live an abundant life.  TODAY.

It doesn’t say that’s for when everything falls into place.  It is not just for when there’s money to pay every bill.  It’s not just for when you land the dream job.  It’s not just for when your relationships all feel perfect.  It is for the now, in the midst of the mess.

Where is your abundance for today?

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

-Jesus (John 10:10)

Allow the thief to steal no longer, let’s make sure we redeem what Jesus purchased for us.

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