My favorite kind of Mondays

A little more room re-do today….

I fixed the yellow on my desk and painted an OLD bookshelf.

It is my only piece of furniture back home, and one with some history.  Dad told me that mom bought it from a friend in the 70’s.

It was mauve when I acquired it from a 90’s bedroom of my sister.  But when I sanded it a bit, a bright green from a “jungle room” my mom created for my brothers in the 70’s.

She’s so creative.

That room was gone by the time I rolled onto the scene in the mid-80’s.  But I always wished I’d seen that room.  Rumor has it there was a huge tree painted across one of the corners.  My mother, the artist, if only the walls of that “Leave it to Beaver” house we grew up in could talk.  It is a continuous debate between my mom and dad how long a room should go before being re-painted.  Haha.  I think I inherited my mother’s love of change.

So, my room is making me happy this monday.  It’s feeling crisp as the cool breeze blowing through my open window.

Now for a couple pics…

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