tony’s desk (a tale from year one)

When I first met Chuck Maher, I knew one thing, Chuck Maher could make me laugh.  He came over with a group of friends, and he made me laugh harder than I had in a long time.

Was it love at first sight for us?  No.  I used to tell my roommates they should date him, because I loved when he was around.  They said, “umm, why don’t you date him?”.  To which I responded, “because I am too tall”.  We still laugh about it to this day, considering I am only 1/4 inch taller than my old roommate.

Ya’ll I was taller in my head than in real life okay.

Anyway, all things worked together for our good, and to our surprise and delight here we are now married.  I could elaborate more on this but nah, I just wanted to share a glimpse into our life from year one of marriage…  I’ll try to spare you the lessons, since plenty of those articles are already floating around Facebook, and I am not sure my 16 months of marriage gives me license for that. 😉

Chuck had been wanting a desk for awhile.  I happened to be in a nearby town and at a thrift store.  I saw a cute wooden desk with lots of drawers.  We made an agreement in week one of our marriage to try to avoid particle board, even if that meant buying second hand REAL wood.  (Our particle board TV stand didn’t do so well, when we had a slight flood upon returning from our honeymoon)

How much?

Ten dollars.


I some random guy at the thrift store loaded it in the car for me, and home I went.  I was proud to show Chuck his “new” desk.  We noticed that a previous owner “TONY” had engraved his name on the top.

Soon he was off in the garage cleaning the desk.  He emerged a few moments later and said, “babe, Tony’s been wiping his snot on the bottom of that desk”.  In all honesty, I thought he was probably being a little dramatic.

Then, I looked at the bottom of the desk and almost lost my lunch.  My old roommate stopped by and had the same reaction.

So Tony’s desk has sat in our garage for a year.  We used it as a stand while painting our kitchen cabinets.  A couple weeks ago, I went out with gloves on and sand paper in hand, and I bravely sanded that snot right off the desk.  After my hard labor, Chuck walked out and said it kinda smells, to which I couldn’t deny.

Tony’s desk rejected again.

Back to our garage.

Ten dollars and worth every penny for all the times it has made us laugh.

Oh Tony, you have know idea how your legacy lives on.

And Chuck Maher, oh how you make me laugh. 🙂



for an update on Tony’s desk go here —>


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