Contrite. {a God of the broken}

Did you know that contrite means “crushed”?  The prophet Isaiah tells us that God, in his high lofty place is close to the contrite.  One definition says broken into many pieces. 

            God is not afraid of our brokenness. 

            Sometimes people are.

            There are moments when I wish I could transport back to Hebrew culture in Jesus day.  It probably wouldn’t be too long before I’d be ready to return to the modern age, and things like air conditioning, warm showers, and flushing toilets.  Yet there something about Hebrew culture that I long for in our modern society.

            They were okay with brokenness.

            They were okay with grief.

            They didn’t try to push their way through loss.

            They understood that it’s about a process and not perfection.

            In our society today, ESPECIALLY the church it can be all about being okay.  “I’m fine,” we often say, while our heart silently screams another answer.  We tell our children “you’re okay” the moment they crash their bike.  I have to wonder why are we so afraid of not being okay. 

And what does it even mean to “be okay’. 

What are we saying? 

What are we communicating to our hearts? 

Does pull yourself up by your bootstraps really apply here?

I’ll be honest; there is a big fat “guilty” sign over me for this one.  I am fine.  I actually specialize in “fine”.  I pride myself in being steady, reliable, and dependable.

And that right there is where the problem is.  Pride.  I can do it.  I don’t need you.  I don’t want to need you.  Oh wait, what about God?  What kind of gospel am I preaching (to myself)?  It’s the gospel of self-sufficiency.  It’s a gospel that says I’ve got this under control. 

The truth is that’s never been my job.

A few years back I read two books by Andrew Murray, Humility and Absolute Surrender.  {READ THEM}  His books always have a way of convicting me into the place of freedom.  It’s all about His sufficiency.  A gospel about my sufficiency is really no gospel at all.  Apart from Him, I am completely and utterly insufficient, and God is completely okay with that. 

He’s been reminding me lately that He’s secure.  He doesn’t mind spending time with those who are broken into pieces.  In fact, He takes delight in it.  He is the God of redemption, who isn’t afraid of our lack.  He has a solution for every problem.  He has healing for every disease.  He has redemption for everything that’s been stolen.  He has restoration for everything that’s fallen apart; in fact it’s His specialty.

Don’t try to hide your brokenness and pain.  Be honest with it.  Tell the Lord.  Let Him heal the deep places of your soul.  He cares about your heart.  You are worth it.  He wants to make you whole.

Part II coming… {loving the broken}

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