the BIG 3-0

I turned 30 this week.

That feels unreal.

My oldest brother is 11.5 years older than me.  (That makes him 41.5 for those of you who love math.)  

I told him when I was about umm, 18 that he would turn 40 before I turned 30. He loved that. 🙂

I found a baby picture of me and my mom.  Naturally I posted it to Instagram and Facebook.  Of course the world wide web wanted to see that cute 9.5 LB baby!  Yeah, my moms a champ, and for some reason she ran that marathon without an epidural.  Although she does admit that she had multiple Diet Cokes a day and an excessive amount of TUMS while pregnant.  Anyway..

I turned it over and it said “10/5/79” followed by “taking Anna home from the hospital”. Well my dear sister was born October 2, 1979, and my name is clearly Anna, so we may never know which one of that it is…  She thinks moms glasses in it are clearly 70s.  I am not convinced.  

Big plastic glasses, 70s or 80s people??  

After all, she was born a whole 2 months before the 80s!

We may NEVER know.

The big question as of late- how does it feel to turn 30?  

1. I feel thankful.  I am thankful for lots of stuff, but I found myself especially thankful for Charles D. Maher this year.  He really worked hard to make me feel special on my big day.  I had a smallish party, and there I was so overwhelmed by the incredible and encouraging friends God has given me.

2. I feel creative.  I’ve always been a creative soul.  If we were at my family dinner table {parenthood style}, one of my siblings would probably tell you about the time I put an empty bag of potato chips on my wall.  To which, I would respond, “lies all lies”.  No, but from a young age I’ve loved expressing myself creatively.  Last month, I stayed back from a mission trip to give my heart some time to breath, and I found one of the most refreshing things for me is creativity.  

Chuck came home after the trip and sweetly went around the house inspecting the painted furniture, re-arranged living room, and pillow covers saying “oh, I like this”.  That made my heart smile.

This looks like more writing at the moment as well as taking pictures with my new big girl camera Chuck got me for my birthday.

3. I feel expectant.  I feel very aware of the dreams in my heart that have come to pass, but also extremely aware of the ones that haven’t.  New seasons have a way of helping us take inventory.  So with a thankful heart for what I do have, I press in for the more that I desire.

I do feel that 30 is significant, and will vow to stop saying I am doing 29 again.  I want to be a person who believes that He is taking me from glory to glory, and that this next season/decade will be more glorious than the last!

My 20s were filled with many things.  I traveled to 15 countries, moved from Texas to DC to California, bought a house, and got married.  Its been a decade of growing and learning.  

I like that I was born in the spring, a season where things that seemed dead come back to life.  It’s a good season to dream, and to allow the Holy Spirit to breathe fresh life.  I generally think of fall or autumn as my favorite season, but spring is a close 2nd.  I pray that as you read this a fresh grace to dream comes upon you.  

I’ll leave you with a few of my shots from today.



One thought on “the BIG 3-0”

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Please remember that Jesus didn’t wear a Rolex. Blessings to you.

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