3 of my favorite everyday homemade cleaners


3 of my favorite homemade cleaners

Spray bottles
Dr bronners liquid soap (our Costco has it now for around $10 for a big bottle)
Dish soap
Thieves cleaner (go to my young living link to get this)

1. Glass cleaner-

Fill bottle halfway with vinegar and the remaining half with water, add one tablespoon of dish soap, and shake well.

2. All purpose cleaner (dr bronners) –

1/4 c liquid dr bronners soap
1 quart of water

3. All purpose cleaner (thieves)-

(check out my young living link to find out how to get it for a 24% discount!) This one is my favorite smells! People love it when they come over.

Dilute 1 part thieves cleaner to 30 parts water

I actually interchange them, except when cleaning glass. You can use all three to clean glass, but I find the others leave streaks so I use #1 for mirrors and windows. šŸ™‚

You can use these to clean kitchen, bathrooms, floors, etc. I will share a furniture polish in the future, but for everyday (or weekly) cleaning I often wipe down our tables with the thieves cleaner, and even swipe it over our remotes to kill germs.

I’ll share more when I have time! There are so many easy, affordable ways to clean your house without killing yourself with chemicals!

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