Stress Relief Smoothie!


Well let’s just start out super honest. I make smoothies for two reasons-

1. They are yummy!

2. It’s often the easiest way to make a meal that is insanely nutritious and requires the fewest dishes. (Either I am strategic or lazy…)

When my sister had her fifth baby last year, chuck and I helped with kids while they were at the hospital. The hardest part for me was that these people like to eat roughly 5-6 times a day. They are quite well behaved, but the meal prep about did me in. Thankfully her wonderful mother in law came on day two and took over breakfast prep (okay most meal prep and pretty much all the hard parts.) A girl needs her beauty sleep and food is not the first thing on mind most mornings. Anyway, my two year old nephew would hear the blender cranking and come running. “Moothie, Anna, moothie?” It was my trick for a nutritious meal or snack with only one blender to wash at the end!

Here is the recipe I’ve been making lately!


Stress relieving, hormone balancing, immune boosting smoothie

3 cups of power greens (duh, endless health benefits)

2 cups of water, coconut water, or almond milk


In a coffee grinder, grind 2 T of flaxseed


flaxseed (omega 3’s)

2 t of maca powder (energy, stress relief, and hormone balancing)

1 T nut butter (protein)

1.5 c frozen fruit (antioxidants, vitamins, etc, etc)

Blend again and enjoy! This recipe makes enough for 2 generous smoothies. If you are making for kids, I would leave out the maca powder.

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