writing and vulnerability

RONyPwknRQOO3ag4xf3R_KinseyMy book isn’t even “out” yet and already my appreciation for other authors has sky-rocketed. It is not because writing is SOOO hard, and I finally realize what it takes. But it is because I see the vulnerability in other’s work, and I know the courage it takes to write your story.

And to be vulnerable doesn’t mean you have to share every single detail of your personal life. In fact, please don’t. Being vulnerable means showing your humanity. It means being free enough to let everyone in on what they already know, but sometimes forget,which is nobody is perfect.

It is a breathe of fresh air in our Instagram worlds. No one’s life looks like Pinterest. No one’s. Google “pinterest fails” if you are battling perfection today. One of my favorite authors candidly shares about the time that her little girl asked her, “mom, what are we going to do about your mustache?”.  Another shared about how in a stressful situation she started to sweat and smell like onions. I laughed out-loud! Then I thought it’s page 2 but I am hooked. This chick is real and I want need to hear her story.

When my editor and I went through my first edit, I blushed as we read one part of my story. She then asked for clarity on what I was really saying. Suddenly, I realized, oh my gosh, I don’t know who is going to read this, but this is me sharing my heart. I am showing a piece of myself that would normally be shared over coffee or in a late night conversation with a close friend! I am not only sharing my successes, but also the things that didn’t go the way I thought they would.

Yet, as I read others stories, I am compelled to share my own. I gain freedom from the imperfections. I gain courage from the battles they have won. Deep down I know that I am just getting started on this journey of sharing my life. Even deeper down, I know this is why I was made. My life was made to be shared. I was made to be known.

Dear writers and future writers, I cannot wait to read your story. There is something deep and beautiful for the world to gain through your words. You have something to say that is uniquely yours. You would think in the final stages of the book process other books would feel a threat, but for me it’s anything but true. I smile my way through Barnes & Noble, and enjoy each page of my current book. I am so glad each of the authors took a risk. I am so thankful they broke off a piece of their life, so that I can laugh, cry, and relate to the imperfect parts of life. So cautiously and courageously get started. Silence the fears, that only your mother and grandmother will read it. Let go of perfectionism. Tell me your story please!

With Love,


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