Twin Birth Story Part One


I keep replaying their birth over and over in my head. I ask Chuck questions about things that I didn’t know or can’t remember. I never want to forget the experience so I am going to attempt to write the story-

When I found out we were expecting twins, I knew I wanted to attempt a vaginal birth. Obviously it is my first pregnancy and I knew there were more to come. I read every story I could find online to encourage myself that it was possible! Which is part of why I wanted to share my story here. Hopefully it can encourage others in their birth stories.

I found a doctor who would attempt vaginal delivery of twins as long as Baby A was head down.

Fairly early on I started talking to Baby A about being head down, and Baby B to follow sister when she makes her exit. I guess my sweet Autumn listened because at my 26 week 5 day appointment she was already putting pressure on my cervix causing it to shorten. My laid back doctor came into the room and said you aren’t going to like me very much. She put me on strict bedrest immediately. I spent over 9 weeks laying on my sides to keep my girls in as long as possible.

At my 35 week appointment my doctor talked to me about how labor would go, and how we would have to deliver in the OR due to hospital policy. I figured we would. She said it’s ridiculous, and she wished I could just deliver in the cozy peaceful room. She talked us through how the birth would go as if it was totally possible and didn’t even mention a c-section. That really helped me feel more confident about it actually happening! A nurse the week before had given me a long speech about how I’d probably have a c-section and it’s just another exit. She said my body was probably too small to deliver naturally etc. Thanks nurse for the encouragement, I leave that here with you.

So after 9 weeks of doing everything we could to keep them in, at 36 weeks 1 day it was time to let them come. My doctor came into my room and broke my water at 7:30am. I felt nothing at first because Autumn’s head was so LOW. They kept saying she was like a cork keeping the water in. They started me on a small dose of pitocin, and immediately contractions every 2-3 minutes. I knew pitocin was intense so I wasn’t too surprised.


My nurse said I could get an epidural at any point, so about an hour in we called the anesthesiologist. I could sway through the contractions, but I felt it wise to save my energy for pushing rather than muscle my way through the pit contractions. My doctor actually asked me to get an epidural because often she has to go in and manual turn Baby B. Some women say that’s more painful than the contractions. I definitely had no desire to feel that! But to be honest, I think I would have gotten one even with a singleton pregnancy.

By the way, my doctor hand picked my nurse and anesthesiologist, and I was my nurses only patient since it was twins. The anesthesiologist comes in and we chat a bit about how she is from the bay area. She has an assistant who is hilarious, her name was Miley and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her. I guess we bonded when I had to bury my head in her chest while the anesthesiologist inserted the epidural. Chuck went to the other side of the room. Too many husbands were passing out holding their wives, so now you get Miley!


Okay, I am pretty sure I could sell epidurals now, because wow that was amazing. Immediate relief. I crawled back into bed, and Chuck laid on the couch and had a nap. We had worship music playing and Valor in the diffuser. It was this blissful, peaceful atmosphere.


While Chuck was napping the nurse came in and checked me at 10am. Okay another reason I love epidurals. She said you are about a 3, but I think I can stretch you a little. She finished and said “okay now you are a 5-6, just a couple more hours.” I was shocked. I watched a little Gilmore Girls on my iPad and before I knew it, it was noon.



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