I wrote a children’s book!

I took a walk early one morning through the towering oaks in the back of our neighborhood and the idea for this book came to me. This is something I feel really passionate about – we are all creative. So many of us have lost sight of that. We’ve believed a lie that because it doesn’t fit into some genre or box we aren’t creative and it’s just not true!

Each one of us is creative and sadly we are losing touch with it.

“In a longitudinal test of creative potential, a NASA study found that of 1,600 4- and 5-year-olds, 98 percent scored at “creative genius” level. Five years later, only 30 percent of the same group of children scored at the same level, and again, five years later, only 12 percent. When the same test was administered to adults, it was found that only two percent scored at this genius level.”*

It doesn’t have to be this way! My hope is that we can continue to stir the genius level creativity in our children rather than stifle it. And I wrote this book to help teach our children this truth!

I believe the solutions the world needs are often locked up in our creativity!

So grab a copy of “You Were Made to Create” to remind yourself of this and also to help kids rise up in their own God given creativity. The world desperately needs our creativity!

Buy here!

Wanna help me out with launching You Were Made to Create?

Here’s how!

1. Buy the book.

2. Write an Amazon review.

3. Share the book on your social media platforms, with your friends and children’s pastors!



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