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I just got off the phone with a friend who said, I read that link you posted the other day.  She said, “I don’t think you wrote it but it was a good article.”


Then I realized that my blog doesn’t really have a about me page.  It may or may not have been her dear post-pardum brain, but either way here I am.

Who really enjoys writing the “about me” portion anyway?

I am Anna Maher, a Texan married to a Canadian, we are associate pastors at Kingdom Life San Antonio. We met in ministry school in Redding, CA. We moved from California to Texas in April 2015. We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary, and are expecting identical twin girls in February 2016!

We are in full-time ministry, pastoring at our local church, as well as speaking in churches across the globe.

When we aren’t on the road, I love to decorate and re-decorate our home.  I enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle, making us healthy food, and making a lot of our household products.  I also enjoy a Dr. Pepper from time to time. 😉 A girls gotta stay true to her roots, right?  Right.

I also released a book this spring called “Embracing Mystery.” It’s a 21-day devotional about how to live in hope in the midst of unknowns.

Well, that’s all I have to say “about me” for now.

With love and grace,

Anna Maher

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