young living essential oils

these are a few of my favorites!
these are a few of my favorites!

One things I’ve become passionate about lately is using Young Living Essential oils.  Last year, my husband & I traveled about 1/3 of the year!  Traveling is great fun, but as well all know it exposes you to a lot of different bugs and bacteria.  We use the oils for prevention, treatment, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Since we use the oils so much, we’ve chosen to be distributors of the oils.  They are awesome.

What do they do?

These oils actually raise your bodies frequency!  I find this fascinating.  When your frequency drops you are vulnerable to anything from a common cold to cancer depending on the severity of the drop.  It’s important to keep our frequencies up, and essential oils are one of the easiest, simples ways I know.

Here’s an article with more information about frequency-

Some of our favorites include:



It’s an incredible immune booster.  We put it on the bottoms of our feet whenever we feel like we are coming down with something.  You can also make your own supplement by putting one or two drops in a capsule with some grape seed, olive, or coconut oil.

The story of why it’s called thieves is fascinating.  You can read more about Thieves oil here:



Valor is my new favorite!  My last flight to Australia, I fell asleep and slept for 8 + hours.  This is a miracle people!  When I woke up I had a slight ache in my neck due to the awkward position I was sleeping in.  I put a little valor on my neck/spine and voila! It was gone.  Valor helps your body align.  It also helps balance hormones when applied to the ankles.



I have a glass of room temperature water with one or two drops of lemon oil every morning.  This helps the body detox.  Did you know that lemon oil can actually help your body get rid of plastic toxins?  It also give an energy boost, and gives my body a good start to the day.

Some of my other favorites are “peace and calming”, lavender, orange, peppermint, wintergreen, and clove.

A combination of peppermint, wintergreen, and clove (with a carrier oil) makes an amazing muscle relaxer!

These oils are a part of our lifestyle as well as doing our best to prioritize healthy eating and exercise.  I believe they are a big contributing factor to why we haven’t been sick much despite all of our air travel!

Interested in ordering?

Check out the products at  Email me a list of the oils you are interested in ordering at

For more information:

this is an amazing cheat sheet for how to treat common ailments with oils rather than OTC drugs:

daily uses for the oils:

Want to become a distributor, get a 24% discount, and be able to order whenever is convenient for you?

Go to young

Click member sign up.

Sign up at an independent distributor.

Put my number 1521687 in for both.

Pick whichever starter kit you would like.  I recommend the premium starter kit ($150) because it’s a great deal.  You get so much stuff including 10 oils AND an awesome diffuser!

You can sell the products at your cost (which is 24% off retail) or sell the at retail, or simply buy for your family at the discounted rate.

You only need to purchase $50 worth of products per year.



2 thoughts on “young living essential oils”

  1. We LOVE Young Living essential oils and have been using them for 15 years. I have so many amazing testimonies about them! Our latest amazing testimony is about our cat who developed a tumor the size of an egg in his abdomen above his right hind leg. Took him to the vet who put a needle in to see if there was any fluid in the tumor. There wasn’t. The vet said there was nothing they could do, couldn’t even amputate his leg, that this type of tumor comes from some type of trauma – most likely a rabies shot. Now they give rabies shots in the leg in case this type of tumor develops so they can amputate the leg. He said our cat had a few months – the tumor would continue to grow, then begin dying inside, cave in on itself and the cat would die. We said NOOOOOOO! Went home, prayed, then put YL Frankincense with a bit of olive oil on the shaved section of hair over the tumor. Our cat didn’t like the smell so licked it off. Did this four times a day and within 3 days thought the tumor was shrinking. After 2 weeks it was completely gone. Two years later our kitty is alive and well. WE LOVE THESE OILS!!!!

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