40 DAYS!!

We as a team sense the Lord inviting us into 40 days of intense prayer and fasting. The theme of this fast is “Show me your Glory” just like Moses in Exodus 33-34. We are crying out for the presence of the Lord to fall in our personal lives, our community, and our nation. We feel called to hold the night hours, entertaining the King of Kings with our prayers and songs. Recently, I was reading through Jonah, and realized that the people of Ninevah held back the wrath of God through 40 days of prayer and fasting.  We are looking forward to all that God has for us in this time.

Eating for LIFE

Recently, one of our YWAM Tyler friends came and taught our team. He shared with us about nutrition and what the Bible has to say about it. As a team we have decided to put his advice into practice for 40 days this summer. (well hopefully for the rest of our lives, but we’ll start here) So, we have stocked up on our veggies. We are going to learn how to make our own bread among other things. Out team with TomIt is yet another way we can grow together as a community. Our friend challenged us to not only pray for life, but to eat and live in such a way that promotes life in our bodies. We are excited to experience all the Lord has to reveal to us through these lifestyle changes!

Super Encouraged

I think this may have been my favorite staff confernce so far. Each session just confirmed the things God has been showing my team and myself. One session felt like a summary of the past five months of my life. God is moving! There is no doubt in mind. I am amazed at the way He is moving in just my team, but I know that He is moving in a broader way as well. It was so great to hear testimonies as well as teachings that go right along with the journey we are on!! I look forward in anticipation to what this summer and the rest of the year will bring. Thank you Lord for the opportunities you continue to bring. Revival is coming!

on the road again…

What’s on the horizon for my teammates and myself? This weekend we are heading to Texas!! Is there another more bonding experience that 20 hours in a 15 passenger van? Of course, I am always excited to go home to my beautiful home state. We will be going to YWAM Tyler’s annual staff conference. It is a great time to re-connect to our family in Texas, as well as hear a fresh word from the Lord. After that, I plan on spending a few days with my family, before flying back to DC.

Seasons, an inevitable part of life

As life continues to take me to new places, and on new journeys, I find that I cannot escape the seasons. No matter where I go or what I am doing, they find me. Some seasons are filled with joy and laughter, others seem like an uphill battle. In the midst of all, I find a deeper place of communion with my Maker. Sometimes warmth draws me the closest to His heart, while other times it takes a trial to bring me back to Him. I feel so blessed to be on this journey, and would love to invite you along. Come experience the seasons with me…