DIY thieves hand sanitizer



Homemade healthy hand sanitizer!


Aloe vera gel

Thieves essential oil (visit my young living link to purchase)

Vitamin E oil

filtered water

Put 2 ounces of aloe Vera in container, add 15 drops of Thieves essential oil, 1/8 t of vitamin E oil, and 1/8 t of filtered water. Shake well and done!

3 uses of hippie soap (I mean dr bronners)


One of my first roommates was from Southern California. She had one soap in the shower, and it was dr bronners. I would line up my bath and body soaps next to hers and marvel at the fact that she used just ONE soap! Sometimes in the bath I would attempt to read the bottle, but it usually led to a headache due to the excessive amount of text!

Honestly, I just kinda wrote it off as hippie soap. Little did I know that one day I’d move to California and start wearing patchouli.

Nowadays I LOVE dr bronners soap! And our Costco just started selling it. This big bottle of peppermint is only $10!

Here are three easy ways I use it everyday-

1. Healthy hand soap- Fill foaming bottle 1/4 with the soap and the rest of the way with water. During cold and flu season I often add a few drops of thieves, but you don’t have to.

2. All-purpose cleaner- Add soap to spray bottle with desired dilution and fill the rest of the way with water. Helpful hint- a little goes a long way!

3. Creamy body wash- use 2 parts soap, one part olive oil, and one part melted coconut oil. Combine and shake for a moisturizing, minty, refreshing body wash. (I personally find straight dr bronners way to dry to use, but this recipe is perfect for my skin.)

ENJOY! ūüôā

tony’s desk part II

If you haven’t read my first post about tony’s desk, ¬†please start here-

Now that you are acquainted with Tony’s desk, I want you to share in the excitement of the makeover.

I learned a couple more things about Tony since my first post…

1. I think Tony may or may not have been a bit of a pyromaniac as some of the old knobs were slightly burnt.

2. Tony’s mom loved her some polyurethane. ¬†I’ve never seen such think top coat, ever.

3. ¬†My make-up version of Tony could be much more interesting that the real Tony. ¬†We may never know. ¬†Tony if you ever read my blog. ¬†Please comment and tell us a little about yourself. ¬†Or maybe you’d prefer to stay hidden after the snot exposure…

After Chuck left for New Zealand, I cried. ¬†Then, I realized I needed a project. ¬†There sat Tony’s desk in our garage just waiting for some TLC.

For those of you freaking out about the snot incident and the scent issue, I will assure you the snot is gone as is the scent.  With gloves on, I sanded off those boogies.  Then, I scrubbed the desk down with Thieves household cleaner.  It smells like Christmas, and disinfects better than bleach.  Let me know if you want to buy some, and we can talk.  The rest of you, sleep well.  I am a clean person and this desk is certifiably clean.

I made my own¬†chalk paint. ¬†I actually mixed some with our leftover kitchen paint. ¬†I know very Proverbs 31 of me… Okay resourceful at the very least.

It’s called “Weekend in the County”. ¬†Isn’t that a romantic name for gray? ¬†Well done Lowes.

I add water and plaster of paris to create the chalk paint.  I do use recipes, but find that you have to play with the amounts depending on the consistency of the paint.

Now for the moment you patient people have been waiting for!

This is Tony’s desk the day I found the little treasure in a thrift store and paid ten whole dollars to bring it home with me. ¬† I happened to be driving Chuck’s car that day. ¬†The Lord loves me.



and drum roll please…. ¬†This is Tony’s desk now —>



You can still faintly see where Tony carved his name into the desk.  I could of filled it with wood filler, but I feel a little sentimental about this old desk now.

That’s all for today folks. ¬†Let me know what you think (as long as it’s nice and encouraging). ūüôā