breakdowns, bolongo bay, and board shorts (a tale from year one)

We got married on a Saturday at 2pm, and it was perfect.  Our guests may disagree saying that it was quite chilly under the tent we rented, but for us it was just right.  🙂

Our honeymoon was all booked and we had a 6am flight the next day to St. Thomas.  If I was giving advice, then right about here I’d maybe suggest to not do this, but since I am not, moving right along.

We were late for our 6am flight, I know shocking.

We flew an airline we’d never flown before, and they warned us our luggage may not make it.  When we got to Fort Lauderdale, Chuck went to check on our luggage status.  He was told his bag made it but not mine.  When he told me, I broke down.  I was completely heart broken that I was about to go on my honeymoon without my stuff.  Let’s just say this, I am a girl who needs her 8 hours of sleep, and 6am flights don’t often allow for that.  That on top of all the emotions and adrenaline of the previous day lead to quite the melt-down.

The airport staff tried to help us, and we got on our next flight.

We arrived to a bit of a surprise.

My bag was there.

However, Chuck’s was not.

He handled this MUCH better than I did.  Thank God.  We got to our resort and soon after headed out to the beach.  While I laid in the sun, he ventured off to find a swimsuit.

He came back, and I turned around to find my new husband wearing size large, plaid, board shorts with “bolongo bay” on the hem.

I laughed, and then thanked God that it wasn’t my suitcase.

Ill fitting swimsuits are not quite as funny when you are a girl.