I soak up these moments like I soak I the sun. I need this, more than that I crave this.

These are beautiful days, days of desires fulfilled and trees of life. I’ll be sure to miss them if I let my mind race to fast. Fear always seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, even life’s most precious moments.

Today I choose to embrace. I chose to be still. I choose to watch the crabs wander the sand. I choose to let my mind stop thinking. I choose to rest. And oh the thankfulness that rolls into this heart like the ocean before me.

What a beautiful life.

I know that change is at our doorstep. Beauty and transition and the responsibility that brings. I sense an increase and an expanding of our borders, but for this moment I am still, still and extremely thankful that He has withheld no good thing.

I blow a kiss to the one who is swimming in the ocean. He’s the only one out there. I love to watch him swim. My strong responsible preacher man gives me a glimpse of the boy he once was.

We breath in. We let go. We know. We have poured ourselves out and it is time for Him to pour Himself in. Life into this spirit and His breath onto any dry bones.
He is the endless ocean and bottomless sea.