10 fun ways to a healthier you!

o-HAPPY-facebook It is “that” time of the year.  New years resolutions to hit the gym and NEVER eat sugar again.  I remember the gym being packed all January when I used to go, but by February the machines were free again. Because most of the time it just doesn’t work! Here are a few ways that can ease you into some lasting changes for your health.  This is by NO means an exhaustive list, nor am I an expert, but these are a few things that help me on my personal journey to better choices.

1. SLOW & STEADY wins the race.  For most of us, making drastic changes isn’t the best option.  You may be limited by your budget.  Or you might just be a normal person who needs to ease into a new lifestyle.  Unless you really feel a grace for it, give yourself permission to make one good choice at a time.  Lasting changes take time, but are so worth it!

2. DON’T COMPARE. For the most part, we post our best selves to our social media accounts.  I remember seeing a picture on the account of a girl I follow where there was a brownie mix on her pantry floor.  This girl is super duper healthy.  She is the kind of girl who has a six pack moments after giving birth.  I’ve never had a six pack or a baby.  But I was relieved to see she is a normal person who makes brownies from a box from time to time.  They were even not grain-free.  They were the yummy, chocolate-ly ones I also buy from Costco.  Mmm.  Okay so that was a long point.  Don’t compare.  Your journey to health is your journey!  You know your body, and what it does and does not function well on.  Pay attention to that and love yourself well.

3. CELEBRATE PROGRESS not perfection.  Did you used to have a soda everyday and now you have one once a month?  Well then, well done!  Did you used to hate veggies, and now you eat them on a regular basis?  Well done!  What are you doing well in regards to your health?  Go ahead pat yourself on the back for moving forward on this journey!

4. ENJOY SOME VITAMIN D.  A lot of people seem to be sick right now.  No fun at all, and my self-educated guess would be that is because it’s unseasonably cold, and there has been very little exposure to the sun.  So, if you can, get out in the sun.  If not get some vitamin drops or cod liver oil.  It will help your immune system reboot and recover from the cloudy cold days of January.

5. HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS.  This one is relatively painless.  Nowadays there are natural options for most cleaning products and this can really help out our immune system and hormones.  The next time one of yours runs out, replace it with a better option.  May I recommend the thieves cleaner?  It smells like Christmas and cleans better than bleach AND it’s safe enough to drink.  #winning  go here to grab that- http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/home/natural-cleaning/thieves-household-cleaner Put my number in when you click purchase, sign in as a retail customer. (1521687)

6. BECOME A DIY-ER.  So if your budget is tight, and/or you are like me and enjoy creating things, learn how to save money and make your own!  Cue the pinterest recipes.  there are a ridiculous amount of recipes online for everything from mascara to laundry detergent to paper towels.  Seriously, there are so many options.  Pick a few and pretend you are a chemist like I do.  It’s actually quite fun and most of them work great.  Some fail, but you can laugh about it later.  Ie. My husband prefers that I buy his toothpaste and deodorant.  Fair enough, Mr. Maher, fair enough, at least he’s willing to use natural ones if I buy them. 😉

7. ESSENTIAL OILS.  Again, FUN!!  They smell amazing, and are so good for your health. They raise your bodies frequency so you can fight infections.  I wrote more about it here if you want to read more and get you some! 8. SPRUCE UP YOUR H2O!  Add something fun to your water to help you want to drink it.  Some ideas are a few fresh mint leave, some fresh fruit, cucumbers, or an essential oil.  Adding lemon essential oil to your water has big health benefits!

9. COCONUT OIL. We use coconut oil for tons of things over here.  I bet not a day goes by at the Maher house where coconut oil is not used.  I blend it in my coffee, C uses it to make eggs, I wash my face with it, and we use it with our essential oils.  The benefits are massive and it’s easy to make one or all of these switches.

10. MOVE.  Find fun ways to get moving.  Do you love to play tennis?  Do you love to unwind by taking a walk around the block?  A little bit of exercise can really help.  Don’t underestimate even a ten minute walk on your lunch break. Find something you enjoy that gets your blood pumping and you will feel so much better!

Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like this chick.

Love, Anna13457-happy-people-jumping-material