Things I am grateful for today…

*the joy of the Lord as my strength

*that He makes all things new

*my nieces and nephews who continually teach me and make me smile

*my brother who is exceptionally kind and easy to talk to

*my other brother who is ridiculously generous to me and a bit overprotective

*my sister in law who goes to david crowder concerts with me and so much more…

*my sister who is and always has been my best friend

*my brother in law’s servant heart and ability to make me laugh, mostly at myself

*my dad’s humility and desire to serve the Lord and everyone else

*my mom’s hunger for the truth and to see people’s lives touched by the Lord

*this summer and the opportunities it has brought

*the future and the good things on the horizon

*incredible friendships/relationships, I am baffled by the goodness of God in this area

*the Holy Spirit that continues to fill my sometimes empty and weary soul

*the Father who lavishes me with good gifts

*Jesus who has all things underneath His feet, comforting since most things are above my head

*plus more (yes, Sarah, you can sing this too…)

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