HoMe SwEeT hOmE!

My road trip  began on Wednesday with a stop in Dallas to see my brothers and sisters and give each niece a nephew one (well maybe more than one) last squeeze.  I was blessed to see some sweet new and old friends along the way in El Paso and Palm Springs.  And after 30 hours in my car, I have safely arrived at my new home in Redding, CA.  It is beautiful, and so good to be with my good friends Holly and Mel, who along with 3 other girls will be my roommates.

I am so grateful for the peace and joy I feel during this time of transition.

The house is great and the backyard is WONDERFUL.  It is nice and cool today.  Come on Fall!!

Just to recap.

I will be here for nine months serving as well as plugging into a School of Ministry.  I have not left YWAM Tyler.  I am just learning and gleaning from an incredible church, and hopefully taking back what I learn at the end of this season.  I am so blessed to be released and even encouraged by my leadership into this incredible opportunity.

Prayer Requests

continued grace, peace, and joy for the transition

favor with relationships and connections I make here

the Lord’s guidance in how to best serve Him in this place

finances for the move/tuition costs

3 thoughts on “HoMe SwEeT hOmE!”

  1. Hey their California girl, very happy to see that you had a safe trip to your new ( and beautiful ) mission. We know that your trip across this great country that God gave us was awsome. Grandma and I have experienced it many times and are always at awe at what God had created for us to enjoy. We know that you will glean all you can in the beautiful settine that you are in and being around good Christian friends will make the time even more special for you. God is good,all the time. God has given you a grateful heart and will be with you everystep of the way as you persue this new adventure for Him. keep us informed when you have time and we will open your blog from time to time. We Love Ya Grandma and Grandpa Deke

  2. oh, lovely lady! i can’t believe you were in the midst of a move and I didn’t even know it. you are wonderful and an inspiration as you just go wherever the Lord leads. you will be in my prayers!!!

  3. i love the hair, its totally you. i’m excited for the next season of you life. i am preparing myself to learn a lot from you so keep sharing.

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